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Bank Cards

«INTERPROGRESSBANK» (Joint - stock company) offers you a modern instrument for making settlements – bank cards. Our Bank is a member of the International Payment Systems VISA Inс. and MasterCard Worldwide. With our bank cards you have following advantages:

  • You can pay for goods and services and receive cash money in any country in the world and in any foreign currency

  • You can benefit from a riskless keeping of money 

  • You can receive 24-hours-a-day client support 

  • In case of bank card loss  — you can block it at any time of the day or night 

  • You need not to declare money on the account of the bank card when leaving abroad 

  • You can benefit from various additional services and advantages for bank card owners

The bank cards can be opened at your wish in following foreign currencies: RUR, EURO, USD.

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